April 23, 2009

I love you Hyung-ah

Tonight as I was putting the boys to yoh (Korean style bed) my two year old Gabriel says,

"Me love you Momma. Me love you Hyung-ah."

(Hyung-ah is the kid term for Older Brother)

Silence from Hyung, who is four years old.

I nudge him and say: "Tell him you love him!"

Hyung, really quickly: "I love you Momma and Gabriel."

Gabriel squeals. Then, "Me so happy Momma! Me so happy!"

Then as if he can't believe it: "I love you Mom! I love you Hyung-ah!"

Again, silence.

Gabriel, haltingly: "Tell me Hyung-ah!"

September 22, 2008



I think we are just about over this hump into the fall season and my current project is about to launch online in a week. I hope.

It's a small line of tee shirts handcrafted for boys - something that began in our kitchen sink over a year and a half ago when our first son was obsessed with garbage trucks and we couldn't find any tees with one on it. Friends would ask about it, we gave some out as gifts, and the next thing we knew we were designing all sorts of vehicle related tees. This past summer we had a blast at the Brooklyn Flea and then hit a major snag with our plan to be online - that snag took until now but I think we are going to make it online this week!

Anyway, this plus the new school season has had us hopping on the home front and I have been trying to find a way to get back into the blog, hopefully with complete thoughts and sentences. I hope things are good with everyone else - I'd love to hear some stories!

June 5, 2008

Do you ...


... sleep Korean style (co-sleep) with your kids?
... bathe with them?
...deh mi-rroh? the kids?
...ear pick them?

I need to know.

May 20, 2008

Music Book



Here is our favorite Korean music book for kids - it's sweetly illustrated, easy to understand and has a great selection of traditional and new songs for kids. I got this at Koryo Books in Koreatown and they can probably special order it for anyone interested say in Kansas City (Hi Grace!) or elsewhere... Though it sounds like there must be a Korean bookstore nearby in a city that size.

Otherwise, I can't seem to find it online. It's published by Samsung and when I went to their website I panicked at all that flashing Korean type and had to click away. No luck on any of the usual book ordering sites, probably because the whole thing is in Korean.

Here's the ISBN just in case, (there are two because of the CD): ISBN 89-02560-1 and ISBN 89-15-02558-X

And Unha? No website for our music group but please feel free to email me if you want do discuss. Our group is purposely homegrown, just a bunch of parents at someone's home and a great local music teacher who comes with her box of instruments.

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