January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!


Seh heh bok mani bad eh say yo! This year's seb eh was a record thirty minutes I think with grouped bowings and mass envelope giving. My sister's almost fiance has commented in the past that we were way too old to be receiving money for New Year's but we group jumped him and we haven't heard a peep since:)

Some one wonderful left a great comment about inviting guest bloggers and I'd love to explore this idea. I don't know exactly how it'd work but if anyone is interested maybe we can feel it out together? Just as long it has something to do with things Korean and is succinct'ish, maybe I can post something regularly! Just shoot me an email if you're interested and we'll take it from there.

Many blessings everyone and happy new year.

January 3, 2009

Looking for one or two Olchengee

We're looking for folks interested in our Korean music group for kids, meeting in or near Boerum Hill. Times are being discussed so shoot me an email if you want more info. Meanwhile here are some of the songs we sing:

Olchengee Song (the Tadpole Song) - Picture both adults and kids on our feet acting out this song and you got a pretty good idea of our group.

Bear Family Song - One of our favorites!

Ands just because I spent too much time on YouTube and because Potty Training is still fresh on our minds:


(Okay so this is Japanese but the Korean Poop Song was too graphic even for me! Which incidentally my brother tells me is all the rage in Korea, a kid book about a Poop who transforms himself!)

January 10, 2009

Into the Woods... 2009

There’s a saying of sorts in conventional blogging wisdom that every blogger has one good year’s worth of writing in them and this has been on mind in the last days of 2008. I often think about the nature of blogging, what it’s become and how it plays a role artistically. I think people know now that blogs are a ‘new’ form of writing, a digital medium in the way the typewriter ushered in well, typing, though the digital medium also seems to have some comment on form. An early commenter on my blog lectured that my entries were much too long for my blog to become ‘successful,’ by which he was referring to the phenomena of blogs becoming people’s professions. Basically, successful blogs have readerships big enough to attract paying advertisers.

This was never my goal, thankfully, and for this tiny niche of blogs about Korean related things I think all three advertisers for this audience have found places on sites like Kimchi Mamas. For me the blog was a way to explore some ideas and questions, and to share hopefully things I loved about Korean culture. It was also a freeing writing exercise (I gave myself limits as in only allowing one edit, and creating a post in one or two sittings versus the indefinitely long periods of time it can take to write a short story etc.) and at times a daunting one. The anonymity of blogging I think is attractive to artists because you can shape how much or how little you are revealed. Blogging to me is mainly nonfiction and there is always a struggle in nonfiction between the real you and the narrator you...

Which brings me finally to my point. I’ve reached a turning point with this blog, one that points in a direction more dense with some of my queries, and more revelatory. I find myself at a point in this writing discovery where I have some harder questions about myself, Korean-American culture, my family and my friends. Hard to do this when those same friends and family read this blog or can easily find this information on the Internet which is after all a public forum. Not to mention that slippery boundary between respecting other people’s privacy and at the same time being able to tell your own story that inevitably involves those you love.

But I will try. And hopefully people will continue to share their thoughts because the one great thing about this blog has been when others have responded with their own stories, however sympathetic or different they might be.

January 13, 2009

Children's Museum of the Arts



Jeong Mee Yoon's Pink & Blue project is currently on exhibition at CMA! It closes Feb. 8th so check it out!

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