March 18, 2009

Korean Dance Party

March 3, 2009

Korean Cinematography

Thanks Grace for the heads-up! We saw the episode last night and was rolling. They've got every shot down and Brett's Korean is pretty good.

February 12, 2009

Grace Park


We never quite got over the heartbreak of The Wire ending until we got into Battlestar Galactica. This show has got to be right up there with some of the best writing around, including what's out there in print and film and Pulitzer winning. While The Wire dazzled us with it's inventive novelistic structure and deeply nuanced characters, Battlestar takes up where Star Trek left off and does what sci-fi does best, creates an alternate futuristic world with it's own set of rules, and tells us stories about ourself in the cosmos. It is so friggin' good we will require our boys to watch it on DVD when they are old enough.

I also love that one of main characters is Korean and a cylon. Of course her name is Grace Park, just about the most iconic name for KA's... And to show you what a small world it is, it turns out she starred in a KA movie penned by a parent in our little Korean music group!

And on that random note I wanted to leave some eggbop apologies for being awol. I've been furiously working on a writing project and have also been happily inundated with Two Blue Cars stuff..... look out for our shirts in Uma Thurman's new movie Motherhood which opens later this year.

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