September 22, 2008



I think we are just about over this hump into the fall season and my current project is about to launch online in a week. I hope.

It's a small line of tee shirts handcrafted for boys - something that began in our kitchen sink over a year and a half ago when our first son was obsessed with garbage trucks and we couldn't find any tees with one on it. Friends would ask about it, we gave some out as gifts, and the next thing we knew we were designing all sorts of vehicle related tees. This past summer we had a blast at the Brooklyn Flea and then hit a major snag with our plan to be online - that snag took until now but I think we are going to make it online this week!

Anyway, this plus the new school season has had us hopping on the home front and I have been trying to find a way to get back into the blog, hopefully with complete thoughts and sentences. I hope things are good with everyone else - I'd love to hear some stories!

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09/28/08 11:39 PM

looking forward to the shirts... i have a 19 m.o. tractor, backhoe and dumptruck lover here.

my mother just left after a 3-day visit. Interesting what the kids ate and didn't.

Of course they liked the kalbi, and my 4 y.o. girl likes kongnamul and surprised me by wrapping them in red-leaf lettuce, since she is normally not a leafy girl. But what she LOVED was miyokguk. She ate bowlfuls of it and asked for more. It's been about 4 meals in a row and she slurps it up.

So definitely adding that to our pitifully limited line-up of acceptable foods.

bindaetteok not so much. actually that was a real bust. Because she was trying to accommodate the kids and me and J, my mother made it much more smooth in texture than I like, with no fiddlehead (J doesn't like), and very little kimchi (for the kids). But then the kids didn't eat them anyway. So now we have a huge stack of bindaetteok that no one's crazy about in the fridge.

what korean food do your kids eat?

10/04/08 08:14 PM

yum, it's so hard talking about korean food without wanting it at the same time!

my boys have been raised on oxtail soup here, and miyokguk at mom's. they love to eat kim in those little banchan packs, and often with rice just as a snack. the older one raul has suddenly fallen in love with dduk with the red bean inside which is amazing because i am not a huge fan of dduk though i enjoy the chestnut kind. they both love doobu, ddak dori tang, kalbi chim, and japchae. the younger one gabriel likes mandoo but the older one objects to all the scallion and won't eat it. gabriel also eats kimchee (at nineteen months old!) and adores shigumchi, to my shock. neither likes kongnamul.

it's funny, bindaetteok has been on my mind because i think i can make them with enough bits of pork and possibly sautee and blanche napa cabbage beforehand to blend with the mung beans. i think they will like dipping it in soy sauce. definitely will post on that when it happens!

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