April 23, 2009

I love you Hyung-ah

Tonight as I was putting the boys to yoh (Korean style bed) my two year old Gabriel says,

"Me love you Momma. Me love you Hyung-ah."

(Hyung-ah is the kid term for Older Brother)

Silence from Hyung, who is four years old.

I nudge him and say: "Tell him you love him!"

Hyung, really quickly: "I love you Momma and Gabriel."

Gabriel squeals. Then, "Me so happy Momma! Me so happy!"

Then as if he can't believe it: "I love you Mom! I love you Hyung-ah!"

Again, silence.

Gabriel, haltingly: "Tell me Hyung-ah!"

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04/26/09 09:31 PM

hahaha.. that's adorable.

05/04/09 09:01 PM


05/05/09 05:19 PM

hahah, i can totally picture this scene!

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