June 5, 2008

Do you ...


... sleep Korean style (co-sleep) with your kids?
... bathe with them?
...deh mi-rroh? the kids?
...ear pick them?

I need to know.

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06/06/08 12:08 AM

We don't start off the night sleeping together but it sure ends up that way by morning. Oh and the first few months we did.
We do all shower together, its just quicker!
I thought we were doing good as a korean family but once I got to #3 and 4 and I had no idea what that means I guess we fail. :) H

06/06/08 07:13 AM

1. All 5 of us on the bed. At age 6 our first one is finally making noise about his own bed.

2. I bathe with the 2 little ones.

3. it seems to painful. I hated being deh mi-rrohed

4. Of course

5. My husband is a doctor. He forbids it. "Wax is there for a reason!" "Most childhood ear punctures are caused by parents!" etc...

06/07/08 07:43 AM

#3 and #4? you are my hero. we talk about a third because we so very badly want a girl as well but it seems super human! in the interest of full disclosure:

lately we pile together like puppies at night due to very heavy workloads. but we've been committed co-sleepers from the beginning with my 1st .

group baths! whoever can fit though lately my #2 has taken to pinching my ahem, breasts and squealing with glee. not so fun for mom.

i only deh-scrub at the bathhouse and will think about this for the boys when they get older. i too had bad memories of being deh-mirrohed painfully- was that normal?

my #1 as an infant would only sleep oboo-bah but my 2nd is much easier, he just likes the ride.

ah, the joys of ear-picking... i worry too much about the boys sticking things in their ears so this will probably fade away with us. maybe when they are much older...

06/10/08 01:24 PM

... sleep Korean style - all 4 of us on 2 futons
... bathe with them? - often
...deh mi-rroh? the kids? - My husband and I do each other, but not the kids.
...oboo-bah? - of course
...ear pick them? - have to agree with anonymous even though I love a good ear pick myself (my husband is 1/2 Vietnamese, you haven't seen ear picking until you've seen Vietnamese ear picking)

06/11/08 03:38 AM

I don't have kids but I'm almost sure my wife will want to sleep in one big bed (we both grew up that way). Bathing who knows. Korean skin exfoliation (not sure that spelling is right)-I hate it, my wife does it at the spa. Ear picking? My old Chinese roommate used to have a long pinky nail just for the ears. Turned me off ear picking forever.

Did your family ever do fire-cupping. My mom did that shit. I still have scars.

06/14/08 08:53 AM

Could we have a translation for you non-Korean readers, please? Google is giving me no help on some of those.

06/15/08 11:17 PM

ha, fire cupping was considered more adult - I had always lumped it in with the more faith healing type of stuff my mom was into though I know now it had nothing to do with christianity. how about that mysterious korean medicine brew that had to simmer for days and days? to this day i have not experienced anything more persistent, so pungent.. that scent would just creep into your soul.

and sorry maggie, it didn't occur to me - "deh mirroh" is korean style exfoliation, it is pretty hard core - a special rough cloth is used to rub off all your dead skin. "oboo-bah" is piggy-backing - a preferred method of napping and traveling with children, and also a uniquely korean style of dating :)

06/16/08 08:42 AM

I have two sisters with kids and I have 2 kids. All of us sleep with our kids (my oldest is 5 and I don't think he's ever going to leave the bed).

Doesn't everyone bathe with their kids?

I deh mi-rroh but gently. The skin comes off after sun.

My first hated oh bo bah, but my second one loves it. Makes my life so much easier.

I do ear pick and I have a special pick set from Korea.

(found your blog from Seoul Man.

06/17/08 04:51 PM

co-sleeper, totally. though the hubban hates it.

i don't bathe with the kids. i think severe asian modesty (even around my kids!!!) prevents me from doing that.

ddeh mirruh? i will when they get older. haha, i was subject to it, so they will be too! dave insists we use those soft lil loofahs like him. WIMP!!!

i LOVE ear picking them. it is one of my greatest joys in life.

06/21/08 09:13 PM

Couldn't deal with co-sleeping. We went hardcore american-style Ferber on the kids. Each experience took a few years off my life, but the kids sleep great now. Put them to bed. 10 minute story. Lights out, goodnight.

Our girl likes to bath with dad and our boy insists on bathing with me. When does this get weird?

ddeh mi-roh. I hated it as a kid and would never subject my kids to it, although my mom will probably try to do it to them behind my back. She made me do it the other day convinced she could scrape off my tan. Said I look like a peasant.

I agree ear picking is the best. So far the kids don't really have any wax.

06/23/08 11:03 PM

Hey Jenn - I don't know if you remember this (maybe you blocked it out of your memory but it's seared in mine...mostly because it's the same night we got Seana), but mom did do fire cupping on you once. That night when you sprained your ankle from a "sporting" accident. ha ha...,but i remember you screaming, "owww -- it hurts!" and mom saying, "Chamoh" -- and then lifting the cup and saying..."oh - it burn you!"

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