May 20, 2008

Music Book



Here is our favorite Korean music book for kids - it's sweetly illustrated, easy to understand and has a great selection of traditional and new songs for kids. I got this at Koryo Books in Koreatown and they can probably special order it for anyone interested say in Kansas City (Hi Grace!) or elsewhere... Though it sounds like there must be a Korean bookstore nearby in a city that size.

Otherwise, I can't seem to find it online. It's published by Samsung and when I went to their website I panicked at all that flashing Korean type and had to click away. No luck on any of the usual book ordering sites, probably because the whole thing is in Korean.

Here's the ISBN just in case, (there are two because of the CD): ISBN 89-02560-1 and ISBN 89-15-02558-X

And Unha? No website for our music group but please feel free to email me if you want do discuss. Our group is purposely homegrown, just a bunch of parents at someone's home and a great local music teacher who comes with her box of instruments.

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05/22/08 02:15 AM

sophie has this book/CD and loves it!!

05/24/08 01:29 AM

yah. would love to hear more about it.
very cool that you guys have a teacher coming.
my son is turning 3 in sep. are kids young? younger? older?
i couldn't find your email here. if you shoot me an email to me, we can talk further.
thank you so much!

08/12/08 02:10 PM

just discovered your blog and it's great....keep up the good work. we just got this music book and CD for my daughter's 1st birthday and love it too. we live in brooklyn too and would love to learn more about the korean music group you've started. please email me with information if you can. many thanks!!!

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