October 14, 2008

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Just a quick check-in to say hello from Yosemite. We've been getting our zen on with all this crazy beautiful nature and actually contemplating doing a bike trail. We are that inspired.

And if anyone's interested, we highly recommend where we're staying, the Evergreen Lodge - friendly wooden cabins built up right into the trees in a beautiful old forest, excellent dining (rack of wild boar and local mushrooms!) and s'mores by the fire pit under the starry skies. The website does not represent well though but the basic info. is there.

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10/14/08 04:09 PM

Hey we were in Yosemite last thursday. I love it there! H

10/16/08 11:03 PM


I've called you a few times, to no avail, and then see Raul's Facebook status updates talking about bears and smores and such and now I'm at your blog and it's like I found the last piece of the puzzle. Color me a deep envious green. It sounds amazing. Call me upon your return and sprinkle some nature on me. I'm in debt and one swab test away from strep throat right now...awesome.

Yosemite take me away!!

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