October 23, 2008

12 more days!

Oh, I can't stand the tension! Can the election just happen now please? All the stories and comments people left two entries ago made me feel so proud and added to the overall anxiety of the Democrats screwing this thing up! Ahhhh!

In the meanwhile, two pieces in the NY Times today really moved me and I wanted to share: the first is titled 'Barack Obama for President and it's the NY Times endorsement for Barack. It is an especially articulate and devastating appreciation of the Bush legacy, in three short pages. The other is the op-ed by Nicholas Kristof, 'Rebranding the US with Obama', it gives us an amazing glimpse of what might be, how transformed the US could be to the world.

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10/31/08 03:00 PM

yah.. great article. made my heart jump.
i can't wait until 11/4..

i really hope obama wins... in the mean time.. i can't STAND palin!! read somewhere someone hoping, "that she would run for the presidency!"..

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