March 7, 2008

Closed Eyes

My Mom is in Korea right now, visiting my brother in Seoul. Every time she goes, it reminds me of an earlier trip years ago when she hadn't been back since emigrating in 1973, right after I was born. Our phone call on her return:

Me: Omma! Welcome back! How was it?

Mom: (pause) You know what? Too many Korean people.

Me: Um, huh?

Mom: Yeah. Too many Korean people everywhere. I miss United State. So when I tire look at all the Korean people I close my eye and pretend they are the black people.

Me: HUH?

Mom: Yeah. On the bus. I close eyes.

Me: (laughing of course) But did you have fun?!

Mom: Oh yeah. Korea is amazing. Everybody rich!

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03/10/08 05:50 PM

HAHA your mom's too cute XD

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