March 6, 2008


Another two weeks probably just went by.

I've been trapped in the two-kid-time-suck without any of the fun that happens with magical wardrobes or wrinkles in time though we did manage to have a dol for my #2 this past weekend in Philadelphia with my family. Photo to come. More postings to come soon. Promise.

Meanwhile check out my cousin's blog here. She is a very talented artist with an amazing graphic novel in the works, the first Korean-American graphic novel ever. Or so I say. She's also obsessed with Korean related things and I particularly love the old archival photos of Korean-Americans she digs up at the LA library like this one:


And for those mom readers out there I'd welcome any time management advice you have!

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03/31/08 11:55 PM

aw, thanks for the plug, so sweet. however, there is a korean american graphic novelist, a derek kirk kim, born in 1974. ;-)

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