March 20, 2008

white rice

mixes nicely with:


soft brown rice
pressed barley
wheat bulghur
thai royal purple sticky wild rices (small handful)
american wild rice (small handful)

throw a handful in your rice cooker and voila, whole grain meals!

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03/27/08 09:32 AM

so ALL those grains...don't taste too grainy? i started putting in just brown rice and dave (the hubban) made this horrified face. not the kids, DAVE. =) i love the variety you approached it with. will need to try that.

and the garbiel dohl pictures aren't coming out jenn! get your tech savvy husband on it!

03/27/08 11:08 AM

hey grace! I double checked and the photos are coming in loud and clear on my end ...! weird. what browser/computer are you using?

the grains are not grainy at all, they get as soft as the rice. brown rice is too hard for us too which is why I use the half-hulled brown rice otherwise sold as sweet brown or soft brown. it's only slightly chewy and adds a nice texture to the rice. dave wouldn't even notice the other grains except for how nice the rice looks... happy eating! and let me know about the photos...!

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