March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabriel!

He turned two on Sunday. He was so excited he kept practicing 'blowing' all weekend and was only sad when he couldn't turn 'four' like his big brother. "No two! Yes four!" he shouted. He's still figuring out verbs.

Amazing things about my #2: He potty trained himself at 16 mos and was night trained within two months. (This was the first thing Raul and I'd blurt out in conversation for weeks after because we still couldn't wrap our minds around it) He eats kimchee, rinsed kid-style, almost every day. Loves drawing on himself. Has broken 2 DVD players, our toaster, our Birthday present to ourselves Bosch IPod Player, crayoned our TV screen, and popped off the 'enter' key on our portable. All this under constant supervision! He just gets around. (His brother broke not a single thing in all his four years.)

We can't imagine life without him...




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