February 26, 2009

korean tacos

I got this lovely tip from a foodie friend recently ... (and thanks to flikr member sklathill!)


Kimchi + Tacos? I can't imagine a better way to represent my own marriage!


And here it is in today's NY Times... those guys are fast.


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02/27/09 09:46 PM

uh, noh way. I'm so there.
funny because friends were over today. and these non-koreans were snacking on kimchi/bread/cheese combo and we had whole conversation about starting a food place that take kimchi to a whole new level.

in true korean-jewish fashion, K likes to eat bagel, cream cheese, kimchi.. and some bulgogi on top.

02/28/09 03:15 PM

Heard it on NPR a couple of days before the NYT too: http://www.theworld.org/node/24710.

That's what we say whenever we're in LA, what could be a more perfect nexus of cultures than where Ktown meets the taquerias of Sunset Blvd?

03/02/09 03:13 PM

well...no pics of the bambino but those taco's sure look delicious!!

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