February 15, 2008


...in my house.

One shrinks tupperware tops.

Another stops up the sprayer on my hairspray bottle. (I especially hate it when he stops up only part of the sprayer - that one useless stream of hairspray does nothing.)

A third puts just one tiny grease spot on the chest part of my favorite shirts.

They are driving me nuts.

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02/15/08 11:44 AM

haha, i thought you were talking about each of the boys in your family.

er, or are you?

02/15/08 09:09 PM

so true! the boys are getting there with a little help from emo who teaches them how to "sneak" and "hide"...

02/18/08 09:29 PM

i thought you were talking about the boys too and I kept thinking, "how the heck do they stop up your hairspray...?"

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