January 8, 2008

Raw goodness

Well, first things first:

A Recipe for Eggbop
One bowl of steaming rice
One raw egg
Soy sauce to taste

Mix a few times until the rice is a broad swirl of white, yellow and black. Taste. Each creamy bite should be immediately followed by a rush of salty, soy goodness. Repeat. Add more soy sauce as needed.

I ate this meal happily throughout the seventies. Mom would serve it occasionally when things were busy, and it was sometimes presented at large gatherings for the kids. Nowadays my siblings and I are finding other Koreans our age don't know about this - was this particular to our family only? Was it a left-over Japanese thing?

I don't know why but I loved seeing the other kids' faces over their bowls - different heights, different sizes but all over the same bowl of steam and rice topped off by a giant yellow yolk.

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01/08/08 02:19 PM

Hmmm...it's gotta be another Yun's thing. Seriously, I've never heard anything like that...but it does sound really good. I think adding few drops of cham gi rum (aka sesame oil) would make it even more yummy!

01/18/08 12:31 PM

I'd be proud if it were true, but this dish most definitely cannot be called a 'Yun' dish. Any self-respecting, alcohol-serving establishment in Seoul has this little bad boy on its menu for under five bucks. In fact, this dish even has it's own metal, WWII army ration style 'shake me up' box! I have had many a drunken soiree ending with some eggbop^^

02/03/08 03:36 AM

we definitely grew up on this, even all the way in KANSAS. it's one of my sister's faves :)

02/08/08 04:49 AM

We ate, too. Don't know what it's called in Korea, but Eggbop is very korean american. Your Jersey cousins super-Americanized the name, calling it "Egg-a-Bop" or "Egg-o-Bahp" in the "___-o-Rama" vein. We ate well into the 80s, until a Time Magazine article on salmonella circa 86. This was also when we stopped drinking whole milk and unfiltered tap water.

02/13/08 09:54 AM

My Korean husband had no idea what this was when I gave it to Ethan for the first time. He also was afraid of the raw egg. My sisters and I ate it with sesame oil all through our childhood. COMFORT FOOD YUM!

02/16/08 09:37 AM

Your site is so cute and full of interesting tidbits! :) I've eaten this before... and still eat it every so often. My favorite is just sesame oil and soy sauce mixed with rice - we called it guh-jhee-bap (poor man's rice). It tastes best with old fermented kimchi. And if you're lucky to have an egg, you can toss it in there too! :)

03/20/08 09:27 PM

just made this for dinner with my fiancee. she stirred it for maybe five minutes before asking me when the egg was going to "get all fluffy like in bibimbap".

we both loved it. mmm.

09/07/08 11:37 AM

I grew up with this as well. Sometimes we would add sesame oil. I no longer remember what my parents called it. We would also crack an egg into a bowl of kimchi jigae and eat with rice.

02/03/09 04:03 AM

I ate this when I was growing up! My mom added sesame oil to this. And I ate it with kimchi. This is still my brother's favorite. Reading about this brought back good memories--thank you!

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